AMC 8 @ Stanford

October 18, 2017

The AMC 8 is a fun mathematics competition, aimed primarily at middle schoool students, though some younger students may also enjoy the contest.

This year, the contest will be held on Tuesday, November 14.

The Stanford Math Circle will again offer the AMC 8 contest to local students. You don't have to be a member of the math circle to participate, but you do have to be in 8th grade or younger, and if your own school offers the AMC 8, you must take it at your own school.  

Please note: Many local middle schools, and even a few elementary schools, already offer the AMC 8 to their students (This includes Challenger schools!). The AMC has a list of all schools that participated last year -- just click here and set the dial to AMC 8 and your zip code. That list is not yet complete for this year, so your school's absence from it does not mean that they do not participate.

Before signing up at Stanford, please confirm with your school's math department head that they will not be offering the AMC 8 before signing up to take it with us -- and if they don't plan to give the contest, try to convince them otherwise! It's more efficient for your student, helps spread the contest to students who would not otherwise participate and reduces the overcrowding at Stanford and prevents us from having to turn away other students who really can't take it at their schools. We are absolutely the site of last resort.

Also: do remember that this is a fun, friendly, math competition, not a high-stakes college entrance exam. We are very happy that we can make it available to students who wouldn't otherwise be able to participate, and we hope everyone enjoys it and learns from it, but we'd also like everyone to keep this in perspective. Should a student be unable to take the test on the scheduled date, he or she can try the  contest questions unofficially anytime and gain essentially the same benefits.

We do recommend that students --especially younger students -- look at older versions of the test  just so they understand the kinds of questions that may be asked. Problems and solutions from previous years of the AMC 8 may be found at the Art of Problem Solving AMC 8 archive.

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